Aesthetic Designs

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Aesthetic designs are productions made for wall art, embroidery, and simply to be visually engaging.

Would you like a specially made design series for yourself or another? Need help jump starting your next design product? We offer Design Commissioning and Consultation service bundles, and would love to help!

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Consumer Product

Do you have your own design you would like to have printed on home goods or apparel? Our team of designers can help you bring your art to life! Contact us to have your design printed and potentially sold at our sister site, Love's Presents.


Your art on a print-on-demand consumer good.

Price range:

$50 – $250

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Price depends on number of different products you'd like your design available on and complexity of variation per product.

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Put your art in front of a global audience on our sister site, Our Guest Designer program was made with the digital creative in mind. Contact us today to get started.


A Guest Designer link and pre-created art listed for sale on

Price range:

$150 – $250

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Price depends on number of products plus complexity of variation. If you have art, but no products, see our "Consumer Product" service offering. Items sold on or similar subject to profit share.


Our team of designers will come up with the perfect custom creation just for you. Let us know the occasion and we'll work with you to produce the masterpiece.


The digital design of your dreams.

Price range:

$50 – Contact Us

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Reach out with your design needs — any and all! If it is something not in our design team's wheelhouse, we will find the right designer for you through our global Designer Network.